Thursday, July 10, 2008

The DLC and Barack Obama

This has been a week when the insidious influence of the DLC has been on ugly display in more ways than one. There was Barack Obama coming over all Republicanish. First he ignored a genuine Democrat running for Representative from Georgia's 12th District, a liberal black woman, in order to endorse a conservative white male DINO who always votes with the Pubs. Then he accepted and supported the FISA "compromise" that gave Bush everything he wanted - the right to spy on Americans without the meddlesome interference of a judge - and let the telecoms who broke the law off the hook. And as if that weren't enough, he then votes to cut off debate on the FISA bill, ending the chance of the filibuster he once promised to support.

Since the FISA abomination was the result of a midnight meeting between our DLC-led Congressional leadership - Steny Hoyer, Jay Rockefeller and Sylvestre Reyes - acting as if they were the minority and the GOP representatives at the meeting - Kit Bond and Roy Blunt - were the majority, and since BO had to reverse his entire history and everything he'd ever said or promised about FISA in order to prevent derailing it, we are entitled to ask:

Who's in charge here? Barack or Al From?

The answer is stunningly apparent. It ain't Obama.

The DLC/Blue Dog Alliance is clearly calling the shots. It is not at the feet of the GOP that we have to hand responsibility for the destruction of the Fourth Amendment and the unbelievable expansion of presidential power to rival that of a monarch, but to the DLC/BDA and the Democratic party members who refuse to tie them to the nearest train tracks. The FISA "compromise" (read: unconditional surrender) was the work of DLC members and Blue Dogs, sold to the public by DLC members and Blue Dogs, and then defended by DLC members and Blue Dogs. Ordinary Democrats were appalled.

In Georgia, State Sen Regina Thomas is running for Representative from the 12th District, a district currently held by Blue Dog and DLC member John Barrow who never seems to have voted against the Pubs on anything. She is also the one BO tossed aside when he endorsed Barrow, which is sort of akin to hearing that FDR decided to put Stalin up for President of the World. Thomas on Barrow's record:

John Barrow’s basically a Republican. But I don’t know what’s wrong with Obama. Why in the world would you give immunity to anyone who illegally wiretaps American citizens and then give them carte blanche to do that, then using
terrorism as the excuse?

I would go back and try and repeal some provisions of that bill, because that’s a direct conflict to the Fourth Amendment right to privacy. John has tried to defend that, saying that it doesn’t give them the right to wiretap American citizens, but it is a direct violation. Who else would be able to get immunity for doing something illegal like that?

The real question is "Who would be willing to sell out the Democratic party's history, philosophy, and constituency for $$$?"

The DLC. They got Obama to renege on every promise and reject everything he'd said previously. They are a minority with a chokehold on the Democratic party, and they are going to choke it to death rather than allow a populist challenge to return the majority to leadership. They made BO do what he did, and they need to be destroyed. Period. Or we might as well kiss the Democrats Good-bye and resign ourselves to One-Party Government.

The Corporate Party.